Wall Repairs

Brick and stone walls may look permanent, but they may not last forever. Without proper maintenance, your stone or brick wall could become vulnerable to damage from the sun, freeze/thaw cycles and trapped moisture. If your brick wall starts to show signs of damage, failure to get repair in a timely manner could lead to more costly damage and a need for more extensive repairs. You can avoid these problems by getting regular inspections from an experienced contractor, one who can help you keep up with repairs. 

Why Get Wall Repair?

The walls of your home play an important role, structurally and aesthetically, in the functionality of your house. As the walls of your home begin to age, you’ll notice small signs that the mortar or even the brick and stone is deteriorating. You can help your home stand for another hundred years with proper wall repair. 

Signs Your Wall Needs Repair

Do you recognize the signs that your home’s brick wall needs repair? Look for these red flags:

  • Chipping or cracked bricks.
  • Missing bricks.
  • Spalling. 
  • Effervescence.
  • Deep gouges in the mortar.

This kind of damage can occur over a long time. Remember that brick and stone are porous, so the more damaged that your stone becomes, the more likely it is that the structure beneath the stone could also be damaged. As the mortar and brick absorbs water, moisture in the home can become a bigger problem. Only by repairing the brick can you protect your most valuable investment. 

Competitive Pricing

Stone wall repair isn’t cheap, but you shouldn’t have to pay an inflated price just to keep your home in good condition. Work with a stone mason who has competitive pricing and who performs quality work. Here’s what to look for:

  • Descriptive and thorough contract. A well-written contract protects you and ensures that you understand the services to be performed. Read the contract carefully to look for a description of the work to be done and an itemized list of expenses. 
  • The right price. A contractor who dramatically undercuts the competition may be cutting corners. Look for a contractor who charges the right price, one you can afford.  
  • Value for the money. The contractor you choose should have fair prices while still using quality materials. Comparing itemized lists on each contractor’s bid can help you decide which contractor delivers the most value for the money spent. A contractor who doesn’t describe the materials used may not be offering the best value. 

Contact a Stone Mason Today

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