Water Seals

When a chimney is installed on a home, in the proper way, it becomes a functional and aesthetic value to a home. However, if a chimney starts to deteriorate or is not installed with the proper safeguards, in the beginning, problems with water leaks can occur. Unfortunately, a leaking chimney rapidly loses its value to the homeowner and can actually cause problems with the rest of the home’s structure if problems are not tended to quickly. 

At All American Masonry, we do our best to help customers with all of their chimney complaints, including water issues. Water seals on a chimney can make a drastic difference in how a homeowner views the chimney they have, how it functions, and how it benefits the home. 

Lack of a Water Seal on Chimneys Can Lead to Problems 

The biggest concern about a leaking chimney that is not offering a good moisture barrier is that water can leak down into the rest of the house. Water leaks can show up in seemingly odd places if there is not a proper water seal on the chimney in place. You may notice: 

  • Water or moisture spots soaking through a drywalled ceiling 
  • Water dripping down into the fireplace itself 
  • Moisture seeping into certain points in the attic
  • Water problems coming through at joints in the walls or around the trim

In some cases, water that seeps through the masonry work of a chimney can even get into electrical systems or the insulation, which can lead to some severe issues. 

The Process of Placing Water Seals on a Chimney Explained 

Trusting a professional for water sealing a chimney is important. This is not a simple task; it actually involves quite a few steps and there is a lot of room for error without the proper tools, materials, or experience. At All American Masonry, our skilled service professionals take a lot of time to perform a water seal on a chimney. Several steps take place once the chimney is properly assessed and measured, such as: 

  • The chimney will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out 
  • Any minor issues with the masonry will be repaired (e.g. cracks in the mortar between masonry stones) 
  • Water repellant will be added to the exterior of the chimney and allowed to cure
  • Missing metal flashing around the chimney will be replaced and secured  
  • Silicone sealers will be installed in small grooves and openings to thwart water 
  • Protective caps will be installed to prevent water from leaking down into the chimney 

Contact Us About Leaking Chimneys and Water Seals 

A leaking chimney should never be disregarded. If you have issues with water due to an ailing chimney, contact us at All American Masonry to find out how we can help water seal your chimney.