Gas Fireplace Installs and Repairs

Imagine yourself curled up around the warm glow of a fire. In the winter and on chilly nights in the fall and spring, your gas fireplace will quickly become the favorite feature in your home. Whether it’s in the living room where it can be enjoyed by your entire household, or it’s in the bedroom so you can enjoy looking at its soft glow while you read in bed, your gas fireplace will be a rewarding addition to your home. 

Why Get a Gas Fireplace?

There are many reasons to get a beautiful gas fireplace in your home. 

Increased Property Value

Many home buyers would welcome a gas fireplace in a home they were thinking about buying. You can ensure that your gas fireplace will add value by having the brick or masonry installed by a contractor with experience and a creative touch. The more artistic flair your gas fireplace has, the more value it will add to your home. 

Personal Enjoyment

Fireplaces make the home a more enjoyable place to spend time. You’ll be amazed how cozy and happy your home feels when there’s a fire in the fireplace. Best of all, gas fireplaces produce little mess and they’re much easier to use than gas fireplaces. Your personal enjoyment will be enhanced by the ease of use. 


Fireplaces do a lot for the staging and appearance in your home. Fireplaces add a focal point to the room where they’re installed. This is especially true if your fireplace is installed with help from a masonry contractor who knows how to add beauty and style to your gas fireplace. When picking a masonry contractor, look for someone with an extensive portfolio and years of experience. 

Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repair

How can you tell if your gas fireplace needs to be repaired? Look for cracks in the mortar and stone, soot on the brick that can’t be removed, effervescence on the stone and missing mortar in between the joints of the bricks. Chips in the stone or mortar could also be a sign that your fireplace needs repair. Your masonry contractor can help you make this determination. 

Hire the Best For Your Gas Fireplace Installation or Repair

Your gas fireplace installation needs to be performed by an expert. If you’re considering installing a new fireplace in your home, contact an experienced masonry contractor who can make your fireplace as beautiful as the one in your imagination. If you already have a gas fireplace and need some repair work done on the stone, contact a reputable masonry contractor who has years of experience.