Chimney Cleaning

Your fireplace might be one of the most pleasing and enjoyable parts of your home, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, chimneys can get very dirty over time.

Soot, moss and even mortar smears can have an impact on the beauty and functionality of your home’s chimney. Dirt and organic materials that are allowed to build up on your chimney over time can cause your chimney to deteriorate with time.

There are things you can do to take care of your home’s chimney. Working with an experienced contractor makes it possible to keep the brick clean.

Why Clean Your Chimney?

Chimney cleaning services help protect the value of your chimney and, ultimately, your home. Without cleaning services, your chimney could become damaged. Eventually, this damage could lead to structural failure. 

Chimney cleaning is a preventative task. Soot and organic material like moss can trap moisture in brick and mortar. After several freeze/thaw cycles, this can lead to spalling and other problems. Cleaning your chimney can prevent leaks, cracks and more.

During the cleaning, your contractor will watch for other signs of chimney damage, whether internal or external, and will alert you to issues. Not only does cleaning remove material that could lead to damage, but the act of cleaning also helps you discover other potential problems. 

Signs Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

As a homeowner, you’re probably aware that the inside of your chimney needs regular cleaning. Are you aware that the outside of your chimney needs periodic cleaning as well? Signs that your chimney’s exterior needs a cleaning includes:

  • Moss growing on the chimney’s exterior.
  • Black soot collecting on the chimney.
  • Smears of mortar from previous brick repair. 

Is Chimney Cleaning Safe?

Chimney cleaning performed by a trained professional is safe. However, there is some risk to your chimney if the work is done by someone who is not properly trained.

Acid washing, used to stubborn and stuck-on materials like mortar, can do damage if it is applied by someone who does not know how. Working with a contractor ensures that, no matter what kind of material is being removed or what kind of cleaning product needs to be used, your chimney will be protected. 

Contact a Mason Expert In Your Area

Chimneys need to be cleaned periodically in order to remain structurally sound. You can help protect your chimney from damage caused by the elements by contacting a masonry expert in your area. Working with a reputable masonry contractor keeps your chimney in good condition year in and year out. To get started taking care of your chimney, contact a reputable expert today.